• 1798-01-27, Wymondham, Norfolk, England to 1875-07-29, Grove Cottage, Te Karaka, Waimate North

    George Clarke was born at Wymondham, Norfolk, England on 27/1/1798 died at Grove Cottage, Te Karaka, Waimate North, on 29/7/1875.Between the ages 11 and 20 George served nine years in the gun-making more»
  • 1823-06-29, Parramata, Sydney to 1913-03-10, Hobart, Tasmania

    George Clarke Jnr. was born at Parramata during his parent's short stay there, whilst awaiting passage to N.Z., arriving in Kerikeri in 1824. In 1830, Mr. Yate had to go to Sydney, about more»
  • 1824-08-13, Kerikeri to 1897-03-15, Wymondley, Otahuhu

    The following is an adapted obituary contributed by an Own Correspondent to the N.Z. Herald: It is with much regret that I have to record the death of Mr Samuel Ludbrook Clarke, an old and more»
  • 1825-11-04, Kerikeri to 1902-01-01,

    Baptised 17 Dec 1825. Henry was educated at the Missionary School and completed his studies at the Kings School, Parramatta, near Sydney. A plan of George Clarke's 'Claim at Waimate', surveyed by more»
  • 1827-00-00, Kerikeri to 1914-08-26, Waingaro

    Baptized 8 April,1827. Moved to Auckland with family in 1841. On 28 April 1852, (joint wedding with Henry Tacy and Sarah Kemp) at Waimate, married Mary Anne Kemp born at Kerikeri 29 Jan 1826, died more»
  • 1828-07-24, Kerikeri to 1828-11-09, Kerikeri

    Baptised 14 September 1828. Died at Kerikeri at 3 months old, following a bout of whooping cough. Buried 11. Nov more»
  • 1829-10-03, Kerikeri to 1890-05-29,

    Baptized 22 November 1829. Made the first collection of New Zealand ferns that were displayed in the British more»
  • 1831-05-04, Waimate North to 1900-10-22, Auckland

    Edward was the first child to be baptized in the new church at Waimate North on 10 July 1831, and which also has a memorial lectern and a commemorative plaque recording the baptismal date. Edward more»
  • 1832-07-00, Waimate North to 1913-02-10,

    The first of the Clarke children to be born in the Waimate Mission House. Rev William Yate baptized him on 11 August 1832. On 2 June 1858, at Kerikeri, (Rev Richard Davis was the officiating more»
  • 1833-00-00, Waimate North to 1835-00-00, Waimate North

    Baptised 11 August more»
  • 1834-12-10, Waimate North to 1870-08-00,

  • 1837-00-00, Waimate North to 1889-05-10, Waimate North

    Baptized 2 May, he spent some of his childhood at the Mission house, would have lived in Auckland with his parents and after returning to Waimate North lived at Grove Cottage until his more»
  • 1838-08-31, Waimate North to 1889-10-01, Waimate North

    Baptized 14 October 1838. Note the repetition of the name of the first daughter who died in infancy. Martha grew up at Grove Cottage, with her brothers and sisters, but spent the winter months at more»
  • 1840-00-00, Waimate North to 1916-10-01, Waimate North

    Baptized 8 August 1840.George Clarke, after returning from Auckland with his family, John, Marsden, Martha, Sarah and Henrietta, grew up at Grove Cottage. John was appointed People's Warden at more»
  • 1843-01-07, to 1902-07-25, Waimate North

    Sarah grew up at Grove Cottage with her brothers & sisters, spending time at the house in Kerikeri that George had built, because of Sarah's bad health. She went to school in Hobart. Sarah more»
  • 1845-11-15, St George's Bay, Auckland to 1923-10-20,