The Clarke Family of Te Waimate

This site has been set up to share information about one of our nation’s early European settler families. 

Clarke Family Descendants at our 180th reunion 4 April 2004
Clarke Family Descendants at our 180th reunion 4 April 2004

The Clarke family in New Zealand begins with George and Martha Clarke.

George and Martha Clarke left Wymondham, Norfolk, England to work as missionaries and raise a family

They arrived at Keri Keri on April the 4th 1824.

George died on 27th of July 1875. From The Weekly News August 14 1875:

“That he was highly esteemed both by the settlers and Māori was shown by the large gathering at his funeral on Sunday week. As he left his own country for the good of the nation, and spent his life seeking to promote their welfare, it was fitting that they should perform the last offices. Accordingly, he was carried to his grave by Māori, at which the service was also read by two Māori clergymen” 

Martha died on 8th of December 1882. From The History of the Church Missionary Society in New Zealand by Eugene Stock 1935:

Throughout her life her love for the Māori people remained strong, even to her death for when the end came, her express request on her death bed was that the funeral service should be conducted in the Māori language by a Māori clergy man. “I left my home” she said, “for the good of the natives: I have spent my life among them; let them bury me”

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